Conquering Search Engines: Ranking Your Website with Easy Keywords in 2024

Website Ranking Keywords


Ranking a website is one of the fundamental strategies for enhancing online visibility through the strategic use of keywords. However, with the competition becoming fiercer than ever, targeting easy-to-rank keywords can be a game-changer for your website’s success in 2024. Imagine your website as a hidden gem amongst a vast, sandy beach. People are searching for specific treasures (information!), but unless they stumble upon your path, you remain unseen. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the importance of easy-to-rank keywords and provide actionable tips to leverage them effectively.


importance of Easy-to-Rank Keywords in 2024


  1. Enhanced Visibility: Targeting easy-to-rank keywords allows your website to rank higher on SERPs more quickly, increasing visibility among your target audience.


  1. Cost-Effective Strategy: With less competition, bidding on these keywords for pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns can be more cost-effective compared to bidding on high-competition keywords.


  1. Long-Term Sustainability: Building a foundation of easy-to-rank keywords can contribute to long-term sustainability by establishing your website’s authority in niche markets.

Keyword Basics: Decoding the Search Jargon


Before diving further, let’s break down the lingo:


Keywords: phrases or words people type into search engines to find information.


Search Volume: How many people search for a specific keyword per month.


Competition: The number of websites competing to rank for that keyword.


Long-tail keywords: Longer, more specific phrases with lower search volume but also lower competition.


Ranking: Your website’s position on the search engine results page (SERP).


The “Easy” Keyword Myth: Shifting Your Perspective


While aiming for “easy” keywords is tempting, remember, truly “easy” ones might not bring valuable traffic. The key lies in finding keywords that are both achievable for your website and relevant to your target audience. Here’s the shift in mindset:


From: “What’s the easiest keyword to rank for?”

To: “What keywords align with my audience’s needs and are within my reach?”

We will get to see these in few steps below:


Step 1: Know Your Audience, Know Your Niche

Think of your audience as a group of friends with specific interests. What questions do they ask? What problems do they face? Identifying their needs will guide you towards relevant keywords. Conduct surveys, analyze website analytics, and even join online communities related to your niche.

Step 2: Embrace the Power of Long-Tail Keywords

While high-volume, generic keywords like “pizza” might seem ideal, the competition is brutal. Instead, target long-tail variations like “best gluten-free pizza delivery in Dallas.” These have a lower search volume but highly targeted traffic, meaning those who find your site are more likely to be genuinely interested in what you offer.


Step 3: Befriend Keyword Research Tools (Your Secret Weapons)

Free and paid tools like Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs, and SEMrush help you discover relevant keywords, analyze their search volume and competition, and even suggest related terms. Consider their features and choose one that fits your budget and needs.

SEO rank tracking monitor positions of keywords.


Step 4: Analyze the Competition: Learn from the Champions

Don’t underestimate your competitors website ranking keywords! Look at websites ranking for your target keywords. What content do they offer? How have they optimized their pages? Analyze their strengths and weaknesses to identify opportunities for your own website to stand out.

Step 5: Content is King, But Relevance is Queen:

Remember, keywords are just tools. Your content is the treasure chest they lead to. Ensure your content:

Matches the user’s search intent: Are they looking for information, a product, or something else?

Provides value: Does your content solve their problem or answer their question?

Is high-quality and engaging: Is it well-written, informative, and visually appealing?

Ensure to optimize for local searches.


If your business has a physical location, target local keywords! Include your city, region, or neighborhood in your content and meta descriptions, for example, “best local SEO GMB Marketing Agency in Dallas,” if you are expecting clients from your target region to locate you.. Claim your Google My Business listing and leverage local directories to boost your local visibility.


Measuring and Adjusting Keyword Performance:


  1. Monitor Rankings: Keep track of your website’s rankings for targeted keywords using SEO tools like Moz or Google Search Console.


  1. Analyze Traffic and Conversions: Monitor organic website ranking keywords traffic and conversion rates associated with easy-to-rank keywords to assess their effectiveness in driving valuable user engagement.


  1. Refine Keyword Strategy: Continuously evaluate keyword performance and adjust your strategy by identifying underperforming keywords and replacing them with new opportunities.
website search engine ranking

Remember, SEO is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Ranking your website takes time and consistent effort. Implement these strategies patiently, track your progress, and adapt your approach as needed. The internet is constantly evolving, so stay updated on the latest SEO trends and best practices. With dedication and the right tools, you’ll transform your website from a hidden gem to a shining beacon in the vast digital landscape.


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